How top talent, cost effective engineering teams come together,
Fast, Scalable, Nearshore

Avanta provides high performance, well trained nearshore software development teams built with Latin America’s most talented software engineers. Lead with our talent plus the cost effectiveness and time zone efficiency of our Nearshore model. Join us, and create opportunities for talented engineers in our continent.

Top Latin America Software Graduates, Trained full time for 6 months, Ready to hit the ground running, Working for you from Mexico, In USA timezone hours, At Affordable Nearshore rates

What is AVANTA?

We provide nearshore premium skilled software engineers to the United States, within the same time zone, cultural understanding, and at a fraction of the costs.

Our recruitment and training process

 Wide Promotion
We promote AVANTA's training scholarship to the top 500+ Universities in Latin America
 Tons of Applications
Each year we receive 1,000's of Applications to our Elite Training Scholarship
 Intensive Testing
We select the best applicants by conducting extensive testing on software programming, problem solving, math & logic, english, communication and collaboration skills
 Top 100 selected
Only the best 100 Software Engineers are extended acceptance letters into the program each year
 6 Months Training
We provide full time intensive software and related training for 6-months in our State of the Art Software Academy
 Progress Visibility
During the training period we provide pledged customers with access and visibility into the trainees work in tests, hackathons, code challenges and completed courses and certifications

Our Experience

AVANTA is backed-up by over 20 years of experience in Software Development and International Business Operations

AVANTA was born out of the union of 4 entrepreneurs coming together to provide high performance software teams to US companies at the same time as they create good job opportunities to software developers in Latin America
We have been serving Silicon Valley tech companies for the past 10 years through our business group's company Kwan Tecnología and now launched AVANTA in order to scale our nearshore operations with the best talent from Latin America. Among the companies with at Kwan Tecnología we can mention:
  • TIBCO Software Inc.
  • Ericsson Corp.
  • Agralogics Inc.
  • WhiteHat Security Inc.
  • GSPANN Inc.
  • NeuHope Inc.

Victor Ferráez

Víctor Ferráez is an accomplished entrepreneur who has lead successful businesses and innovation projects in the Fintech, Real State and Services industries. He currently serves as CEO of STOM Network, Terre Investments and AVANTA.

Victor Ferráez
CEO & Co-founder

Daniel Castañeda Castro

Founder & CEO at Kwan Tecnología, has 20+ years of experience in Software Development including work for IBM, Siemens, Progress Software and TIBCO Software as well as 10+ years of Business experience. Earned a B.S. in Information Technology from Anahuac’s Mayab University and then coursed an MS in Applied Computer Science at UC Davis.

Daniel Castañeda
CTO & Co-founder

Maureen Cohen

Maureen Cohen has 30+ years of real estate development experience. Has directed development and managed construction of over 2.5M square feet of commercial, industrial and residential properties. She has managed the renovations, repositioning, acquisitions and dispositions of large apartment portfolios in Los Angeles, branded hospitality assets and properties in Mexico and the USA.

Maureen Cohen
COO & Co-founder

Roberto Hernández Madrazo

Real Estate entrepreneur, both in Mexico and the U.S., backed with the capital and the extended financial experience of Grupo Hernández formal owners of Banamex prior to the alliance with CITIBANK.

Roberto Hernández
CFO & Co-founder


  • Get in touch with us at sales@avanta.network and we will be happy to get the process started.

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